The following key areas have sparked ongoing exploration in my architectural work, and are concepts I always consider when designing.

  • Architecture as sensory experience // considering all the senses is very important to me when designing a space, as even a small sensual intervention such as a wall that releases a scent can completely change the human interpretation of space.  Throughout my work I have used olfactory, tactile, visual, aural and gustatory devices to augment and intensify the way space is experienced.
  • Materiality // closely linked to the above, this can be tactile, exploratory and ever-changing.  It can be reactionary to the weather and the passage of time, as well as to the users of the building.  For these reasons, I am always considering and testing the material reality of a proposal, as I feel that material quality is an integral part of a design.
  • Social and ecological agendas // I have become increasingly interested in considering ways in which architecture can work with and for people and the environment, rather than just co-existing (or even working against them!).  The building's users and its surroundings, as well as its wider environmental impact, should be a central driver for its design.